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Say YES to New Goals this Summer

07 Feb 2022
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Setting health goals is important for several reasons; they keep us accountable, keep us motivated AND allow you to push yourself that little bit further. Say YES to achieving your goals this summer. 

Remember to stick to the SMART system: 

Specific – Is it clear? 

Measurable – How will you know when you have achieved your goal? 

Achievable – Is it something you are able to do? 

Realistic – Is it practical for you and your circumstances? 

Timely – Can you achieve it in a set time frame? 

Follow these tips and let us help you tick off your goals! 

1. Focus on one goal at a time - Remember you cannot do everything at once, strip it back to what you really want to achieve and go from there.  

2. Add in mini goals - Adding smaller goals as you work towards your final destination will boost your confidence and your motivation to keep going! 

3. Make it personal - We all see others online or even in Centre with their own health or fitness goals. There is no one who knows you better than yourself and you know what is achievable for your body and your lifestyle. This doesn't mean we don't allow ourselves to be challenged and pushed a little! 

4. Don't aim for the stars – Remember the ‘R’ in SMART! Not everyone is going to drop 1 kilo per week or have a toned body in a month. Aim a little lower, when you smash that goal, increase it! 

5. Keep track of your progress - this will allow you to look back at what you have achieved. Write down your daily or weekly progress, this could be by measuring yourself for weight loss goals, noting the number of times this week you were active, ticking off each day you eat healthily. It's your goal, it can be whatever you like! 

6. Celebrate the small wins - this is one of the most important tips as we follow our routine to achieve our goals. Stop halfway, see how far you have come! GO YOU, YOU ARE DOING IT! 

7. Don't be afraid to ask for help - our team are always here to support you and help you along the journey. If you need help mapping out your goals, they are always there to assist and keep you motivated. 

Say YES this Summer! What will your GOAL be? 

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